dear world:

july 7, 2017 is the day we officially launched www.IAmHappiest.com.

my name is maritza and i love creating www.IAmHappiest.com.

it is a link for LIT lighthouses around the World who find it challenging to stay happy while creating their happiest lives. lighthouses desire to be more than happy but things f with our joy sometimes and we need support along this life long journey. this is by far the most selfless endeavor i have ever been on because www.iamhappiest.com is about us enthusiastically shouting "I Am Happiest" as often as possible!

What do I do? Share my perspective and resources. Where? 99% online. When? When I am touched, moved and inspired. Why? The journey of watching our happiest lives unfold is so much more fun when we are right along side each other. How? click below: 

"don't f with my joy" book

"don't f with my joy" apparel

"Happy hour" guest speaker

😊  ❤️❗️🤗  🙏🏽  🙌🏽  😍 💃🏻  😂 🎶

Stay happy,